Saturday, March 3, 2018

Term One: Week Five ~ Grammar and LOTS of Reading

To start off our week, the postman rang the doorbell bright and early Monday morning to deliver a special care package from America. My mum sent this beautiful and creative blanket for Munchkin. Now all three boys have special blankets knit or crocheted especially for them by my mum.  She also included a book from my childhood, and some origami paper. It was an exciting morning for sure.

 For grammar this week we had to show that we knew how to properly use the words we had learned about so far. So we each got to write some sentences and a paragraph.
This is Monster's work above...

 Monkey's work...

 And mum's work... a friend who lives in Queensland and homeschools her boys, corrects the work for us.  Her boys are a few years older than my crew AND she loves all things grammar and diagramming!!

Monster FINALLY got back to work on his puzzle. He is KEEN to finish this and get started on puzzles he has received for Christmas and his birthday. 

The older boys and I are enjoying a fairly detailed unit study on water... we are focusing on Australia to start with, but will soon expand to other countries of the world and the challenges they face when it comes to water scarcity/abundance and quality. 

 Books about koalas are a big hit at the moment...

There are LOTS of new books pouring into our library and Munchkin is enjoying sifting through all the new picture books. 

I continue an "Australian Neighbours" unit with Monkey so this week we started studying the Philippines. 

 Our read aloud chapter books we finished this week. The older boys and I are a bit sad to be done with "A Series of Unfortunate Events" as we LOVED it!

Monster and I continue with our depth study of Ancient China. This book was chock full of information about the time period, but in short little sections, so it was easy to digest. 

LOTS more beautiful new books... the only one we've returned so far (as it was a bit too out there) was "Cinderella and the Fuzzy Slippers" - sometimes you just need to leave the classics alone!! 

 The older boys are always THRILLED when new Minecraft books arrive at the library.

 Munchkin's current favourites... he likes to hear them over an over...

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