Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Term Three Evaluation

Read Aloud Books:

Animal Sneezes
Baby Wombat's Week - Jackie French
The Last Tiger
Pumpkin Soup
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle
The Eagle and the Fox
Night Monkey Day Monkey
Green Lantern: Battle of the Blue Lanterns
Green Lantern: Guardian of Earth
Oops! - Jean Luc Fromental
Small Knight and George and the Pirates - Ronda Armitage
The Sound of the Sea - Jacqueline Harvey
Horton Hears a Who - Dr Seuss
Bunyips Don't - Sally Odgers
Father Christmas Needs a Wee - Nicholas Allan
Far, Far From Home - Elizabeth Pulford
Ella Kazoo Will Not Go To Sleep - Lee Fox and Cathy Wilcox
The Big Farm
The Magnificent Tree - Nick Bland
I'm Not Scared - Jonathan Allen
My Country - Ezekiel Kwaymullina
The Green Ship - Quentin Blake
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel - Virginia Lee Burton
Get Dressed! - Gwenyth Swain
The Colour of Home - Mary Hoffman
These Bees Count! - Alison Formento
Horton Hears a Who - Dr Seuss
Life in a Rockpool
The Boxcar Children

** We read aloud MANY more books than this - please see printed list **

Independent Reading:
see written list

Other Reading Activities:
enjoyed five week free period of Reading Eggs

Maths Plus Year 3 textbook
Schoolzone Giant Maths 2-3 textbook

Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics Year 2:
Units 13 - 23 and Tests 2 and 3

Other Math Learning:
addition facts sheets practice to improve speed

Foundation Handwriting 2

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible (read aloud) Isaiah 26 - Ezekiel 10
Book of Virtues by William Bennett
Big Ideas in the Bible by Chuck Swindoll
My Bible Friends

Science and Technology:
Absorption Experiment using food colouring
Science Experiment - How water travels through plants (celery/flowers in coloured water)

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from year 2 lists on the internet
written test taken every Friday

tennis lessons with dad and a trial period of lessons with an instructor
walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks

Creative Arts:
Art Gallery Tour and discussion about various art works
Listened to and discussed "Go Down Moses" by Louis Armstrong

weekly attendance of Sunday School
weekly attendance of story hour
scheduled play dates with friends

Other Activities:
Visited Sticky Lolly Shop at the Rocks - watched the process of making a lolly
Watched David Attenborough's series "Mammals" on TV
Lego Construction Days
Played various board games
Watched David Attenborough Galapagos DVD
Made Milo Balls


Homeschool Group Topics:
Art Gallery Tour
Alexander's Outing (based on the book by Pamela Allen)
Board Games Day
Sydney Observatory - weather study
Classifying Animals

Second Term School Holiday Events:
Liquid Nitrogen Show at Hurstvill Museum
Space, Stars and Planets Workshop at Hurstville Museum
Craft Afternoon at Riverwood Library
Backyard Bugs at Hurstville Museum
Puppet Show - Riverwood Library
Fly Me to the Moon Event - Hurstville Museum
Bingo - Riverwood Library
Kitchen Capers - ANSTO
Board Games Day - Riverwood Library

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cookbook Fun

 We found this GREAT kids cookbook at our library and were keen to give some of the recipes a try.  Today we decided to make "Ice Cream in a Bag"

A small (sandwich size) ziploc bag contained milk, sugar and vanilla essence while a large ziploc bag contained 25 ice cubes and six tablespoons of salt...
Then you place the small ziploc bag into the large one, hold the two bags together... and SHAKE for 20 minutes!!

 Counting the ice cubes as they put them in their ziploc bag...

 Shaking their bags like crazy...

It worked!!  And they enjoyed home made vanilla ice cream!!

Absorption Experiment Revisited

The boys and I first did this experiment back in July and we really didn't feel that it worked well.
We discussed what we thought went wrong and decided that perhaps the type of paper towel played a significant roll.
In our first experiment we used a very inexpensive generic brand of paper towel that was thin and rough and we thought, perhaps not very absorbent.

So we purchased some premium branded paper towel, tried again, and happily saw a much different result.

Our first experiment took 18 hours from start to finish - this one was MUCH quicker.








Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning in the Kitchen

Making Milo Balls

 Monkey (top two photos) and Monster took turns breaking up the biscuits (cookies) and placing them in the food processor.

 Monster blitzed them until they were crumbs...

I don't have photos because my hands were sticky but I mixed all the ingredients (after the boys measured everything out for me) and shaped the balls and the boys rolled them in the coconut!

Our finished product (shown above) was delicious!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013