Saturday, March 17, 2018

Term One: Week Seven ~ Gameschooling and Gastro

Monster and I enjoyed playing a few rounds of Codenames this week. 

We also played some Mastermind and Super Mastermind. Mastermind (the blue game) was a belated birthday gift from a dear friend, and Super Mastermind (black game) was a $2.50 score at the local Salvation Army store!! 

I got interested in pulling out some of our card games so we played Phase 10 and Dutch Blitz which are two of my favourites. 

We did do some written work through the week... Monster continued working on his birthday thank you notes. 

Monster and I played a round of Make Five to see if we think Monkey is ready for this game. 

And we gave Othello a try, but we got very confused and frustrated, so I think I'll be searching for some "how to play" videos on Youtube to help us out. 

 Munchkin took his Term 4 test in his Year 1 math book and got started on his Year 2 math book this week.

Two evenings this week Monster worked on his newest puzzle... see his progress the second night down below!! 

Tuesday night took a dramatic twist with Munchkin coming down with a gastro bug at 10pm... so Wednesday he spent much of the day swapping between this chair and the lounge while watching numerous DVDs.  I cut a few things from the older boys schedule as well simply because I couldn't focus on them for long periods of time... so there was NO math for either boy Wednesday or Thursday... not that they minded!! 

 We managed a bit of notebooking Thursday morning... Monster wrote these notes after we read about how the water treatment system in Australia works.

The two older boys also did these nice notebooking pages about the Philippines after we finished reading our last information book about the country. 

 I only photographed one of the pages, but both boys are also filling in this page as we learn about each of the countries that are considered neighbours of Australia.

 Both of these books are lovely. I particularly like the book on the right... which can be read forwards AND backwards!!

Monster and I enjoyed this 4th book in Jackie French's Secret Histories series. 

 We finished up our last book about the Philippines, and another book in our Water for Australia series.

 The older boys have decided they need to read Pokemon books again...

 I finished this book about Aboriginal Peoples with Monkey as part of his Australian history unit. Now in the last few weeks of this term he will do some writing assignments using information from this book.

 Lovely picture books for Munchkin that count as Premier's Reading Challenge for him as well.

 The older boys LOVE that these are quick easy reads... it gives their brains a little break in between the meatier reading assignments they have to do!

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