Saturday, March 31, 2018

Term One: Week Nine ~ Fun With Pink Eye

Just because two weeks of dealing with gastro wasn't enough fun, we kicked it up a notch and in week nine, mum had conjunctivitis/pink eye!!  LOADS of fun let me tell you. We still did our scheduled written work, but I dialled read alouds down to the bare minimum, and took as few photographs as possible early in the week while my eye was weeping and gooping.

 Monkey was thrilled to have a capacity page to complete in his maths book.

Thursday night we had a treat.
Family dinner night out. 
We have a new cafe in town that specializes in traditional Filipino food.
Since Monkey is studying Southeast Asia right now, we took the opportunity to enjoy a night out together and try some traditional food. 

We shared a plate of traditional "street food" style chicken skewers. 

Daddy enjoyed Pork Sisig... 

While I ordered Pancit. 

Friday afternoon Munchkin and I went on a nature walk.
First we had a look at all the fish in the river... 

Then we walked the boardwalk in search of spiders (and any other creatures we could find)! We were NOT disappointed. First we found this gorgeous Orb Weaving Spider... 

Followed by this Leaf Curling Spider (who sadly was tucked deep inside his leaf)... 

And finally this beautiful red dragonfly. 

 Daddy read these picture books to Munchkin and the older boys and I watched episodes of Masterchef Australia for our evening routine while we waited for my eye to heal.

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