Saturday, February 24, 2018

Term One: Week Four ~ Excursion to the City

Week four was a GREAT mix and balance of structured learning, interest led learning, hands-on learning, and experience (excursion) based learning.

 While Monster (right hand photo) worked on his IEW paragraph, Monkey (left hand photo) spent some time with his word find book.

Munchkin really enjoyed using the counting dinosaurs and some of our VAST marble collection to help him with his math assignment... 

Once he was finished with his book work, he spent some time doing his own learning with the calculator, a pen, and some paper. 

In their free time, all three boys enjoy folding origami. 

Munchkin worked hard on his handwriting this week. 

Monster and I finished the Year 7 maths book. 

And we enjoyed playing some board games!
It was a good week. 

Friday we took a trip into the city to go to the Australian Museum. We had grand plans to check out the T-Rex skeleton that the museum recently put in. Sadly when we arrived at the museum we discovered that a portion of the roof above the T-Rex had collapsed and that area of the building is closed until repairs can be made. 

 So we spent some time in the Wild Planet exhibit... Monkey and Munchkin spent some time feeling the animals in this open display.

 We spent a good amount of time in the wing of the museum that was still closed for updates and renovations the last time we were there. These displays of Christmas beetle were pretty impressive.

We were also impressed with the new interactive displays that feature well known Australians who have helped shape this wonderful country throughout history. 

Munchkin had a close look at some bugs with the sliding magnifying glass. 

 The remainder of our time was spent in the Search and Discover room... All three boys took turns holding the stick insects, and we had a close look at the hissing cockroach (the photo on the right just above this description).

As always, they spent a good portion of their time sifting through these trays looking for stick insect eggs. They are getting REALLY good at it. When you find some you take it to the desk and the museum worker puts the eggs in a cage so they can hatch.  

 Just across the road from the museum is this fun fountain and gorgeous view of St Mary's Cathedral.  The water cycles on every 9 minutes so we sat through two cycles before heading for the train station.

 Our picture book selection for the week ~ my particular favourite was "The Book of Gold"!

 During lunch I read aloud from both of these and we finished each of them this week.

Monkey's history read aloud for the week! 

 A couple selections from Monster's Ancient China studies this week...

Bedtime selections for Munchkin... 

 History and Geography/Science read alouds for the older boys...

 More bedtime stories for Munchkin...

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