Saturday, March 10, 2018

Term One: Week Six ~ Gameschooling

I have recently joined a Facebook group called Gameschooling Australia, and it has been really good. Basically the philosophy is that you can use games to do a majority of your teaching in your homeschool, and/or use games to enhance the structured book learning you are doing.
I choose the second idea... thus my boys still do a MAJORITY of their learning through traditional textbooks, structured written work, and LOTS of reading.
But we are blessed to own a LOT of wonderful games so I'm using the Gameschooling site to remind me that we can include our wonderful games into our learning day and week.

 We gave Word Yahtzee a try this week and it was rather successful for all of us.

 One of our dearest family friends came over for afternoon tea one day and to give Monster some belated birthday gifts as she was unable to attend his party.  He was blessed with two new games (YAY) and a new 1000 piece puzzle to add to his collection!!

Munchkin was thrilled to have to use the pan balance for a maths page this week. 

Monster finished his puzzle he's been working on for AGES!! 

Friday we spent a couple of hours at the new park we love with our homeschool group. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the boys on the playground equipment, but this tree is proof that we were indeed outside!! 

 Munchkin's favourite picture books for the week.

Monster read this as his silent/independent reading assignment for the week. He received Diary of a Wimpy Kid written in Latin for his birthday, so we borrowed this from the library to help a bit with translation!!

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