Saturday, May 29, 2021

Term Two: Week Six ~ Photography Fun, Lunar Eclipse, and Some Outdoor Play

A very exciting week in our homeschool as there was a lunar eclipse that we were actually able to watch. So the boys worked hard through the week in order to be able to stay up extra late to watch the event.

Monkey is nearly finished with his Year 6 (6th Grade) math textbook. He is eager to get started on the Year 7 book and is putting in lots of extra effort.

Munchkin enjoyed playing some computer games in the afternoon after a morning full of structured school work.

Monster working hard on his grammar lessons for the week.

I took some time this week to concentrate on my photography. It takes a backseat to life more often than I would really like, but that is the season I am in right now. I do take part in a fortnightly photography challenge in a private Facebook group and I'm behind so just trying to squeeze in any photography time I can in an effort to catch up. 

A recent theme was water and since we had some rain I decided to play around a bit. I'm not sure any of these photos will make the cut for the challenge, but I had fun.

Munchkin can often be found sprawled on the lounge enjoying some free reading time.

He also helped me mix and bake a batch of brownies to enjoy during the eclipse!

Note to Self: Make sure I have a tripod when the next lunar eclipse occurs. All of these photos were taken without a tripod and while I'm not super happy with them, I figure they are pretty good considering I didn't have all the equipment I needed. Regardless, getting to watch a lunar eclipse was pretty cool as the last few have either been too late at night or the weather hasn't cooperated.

Some handwriting practice for Munchkin...

The notebooking pages the boys complete when we have finished reading the books about each state/territory and capital city. These worksheets can be found on the Twinkl website.

The two younger boys did a tremendous amount of cleaning in the lounge room this week and in the process we found a bunch of drawings Monkey has done in the past. This was one of my favourites.

We having a wetter and colder winter than usual so ANY sunny Friday means we head off to homeschool group. This particular week the boys enjoyed their scooters and bikes, a long play in the sandpit, and a chance to catch up with all there friends.

Lots and LOTS of chapter book reading for Munchkin this week... after he cleared out our local library's collection of Team Hero books!!

Monkey really enjoyed both of these books as part of his Premier's Reading Challenge reading this week. He is determined to finish the challenge this year.

Part of our daily reading aloud included this wonderful set of picture books about various artists!

And finally, more independent reading for Munchkin...

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Term Two: Week Five ~ Work and Play

Although a short blog post for this week, it is a good illustration of our balance between work and play. The boys work hard on their schoolwork and then enjoy their free, unstructured time.

Munchkin ALWAYS loves a good game... we enjoyed a few rounds of Newton. He also put good effort into his schoolwork this week and the above photo is of him working through his spelling lesson for the week.

Monster has found that working on one subject per day works really well for him. This particular day he worked on his math all morning long.

Monkey enjoyed playing Minecraft on the computer after his schoolwork was done for the day.

Independent chapter books for Munchkin for the week...

Lots of good reading aloud this week... these were history selections for Munchkin...

History selections for Monster (left photos) and Monkey (right photo)...

Science and geography read aloud selections (primarily) for Munchkin though read aloud to all three boys...

And we continue with our states and territories unit which I hope to finish up this term.

More independent reading selections... above are Munchkin's books...

Monkey continues to work hard to finish Premiere's Reading Challenge for this year and he really enjoyed this selection from the list.