Monday, January 28, 2019

Back To School

Our 2019 school year has begun...
Today was our official first day of school!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

2019 NOT Back to School Photos

Monster ~ Year 8 ~ nearly 13 years old

Munchkin ~ Year 2 ~ 6 years old

Monkey ~ Year 5 ~ 9 years old

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Summer School Holidays ~ Week Six

This was a BIG week for the boys!
They had a week of intensive swimming lessons this week. They each had a 30 minute lesson, EVERY day, Monday through Friday. Bright and early in the morning too. Monster and Monkey were in the same class and their lesson started at 9am and then Munchkin had his lesson at 10am.  Hubby most kindly got up early each day as well and took the boys to their lessons, leaving me home alone every morning. We called it my teacher in-service week.

While the boys were gone each morning I did our daily cleaning chores, some bookkeeping for hubby, the last bits of school planning I needed to do, AND I did something fun each day as well. Some mornings I did as much reading as I could, other mornings I focused on my photography, and some mornings I played my silly computer game and chatted online.

So, all that being said, there are MUCH less photos this week. The afternoons were spent vegging out enjoying their new Minecraft subscriptions that were a Christmas gift from daddy and I. We were also dealing with more extreme heat, so staying indoors as much as possible was a necessity. As if that wasn't enough, we also tried to watch as much of the men's tennis portion of the Australian Open as we could as well.

Munchkin's reading ability has EXPLODED over the summer... he is now tackling chapter books that his brothers have been reading. In this photo he is reading "The 13-Storey Treehouse" by Andy Griffiths and doing very well with it. 

One morning, shortly after the boys left, a HUGE flock of Little Corellas (also known as Bare Eyed Cockatoos) flew into the neighbourhood. When they took up residence in the neighbour's tree I abandoned my work for awhile and went out to photograph them. They are extremely used to humans so I could get very close. 

We missed out on the last Bingo day at the library because it was a morning session, and they were at swimming lessons, but we did enjoy our normal Thursday afternoon visit. I thought I would take another photo of our beautiful new building... In this shot I'm standing in front of the computer room, so upstairs is the quiet study room and downstairs leads to the main library area (adults section and children's section) plus the returns room (the doorway you can just see) and the public toilets off to the right. I'm hoping to get a chance to take a photographic tour next week so you all can see our beautiful new library. 

 MUCH excitement, and a bit of drama, Friday night as Munchkin lost his very first tooth. Sadly, when daddy pulled the tooth out, it went flying and we have yet to find it. Thankfully, Monkey came to the rescue and helped Munchkin write a letter to the tooth fairy so she would still leave him his $2 coin!!

Following below are some photos of the boys at their swimming lessons. 
Monster is in the blue cap, Monkey is in the green cap, and Munchkin is in the orange cap.
Photo credit goes to hubby!!

 Between the swimming lessons and the tennis, we didn't do much reading.
Monkey and Munchkin enjoyed reading these two picture books to each other one night this week.

 Monster finished reading these two books to complete his second book list for the library's summer reading challenge.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Summer School Holidays ~ Week Five

Another heat wave, so it was indoor activities for us this week.

 All three boys LOVED the Bingo day at the library. With the move to the new library building, we have a new, permanent, children's librarian. She did Bingo slightly differently from the librarians in the past and the boys LOVED it!!

We played Mexican Trains one afternoon... 

 The older  boys got to attend a special Virtual Reality event at the library. It was ages 8yrs to 14yrs so Munchkin stayed home with daddy and enjoyed extra Minecraft time.

I found some fun table activities in the office when I was cleaning my desk. So I set them out on the dining table one afternoon for the boys to enjoy while I read aloud. 

 Munchkin has done VERY well with his Early Readers through the summer. Time to reserve the next level up for the new school year!!

Monkey worked on some independent reading for the summer reading challenge. 

 Evenings were spent reading these two books to Monkey and Monster.