Sunday, September 29, 2019

Term Three Evaluation ~ Munchkin


Reading ~
* A book list of all books read to Munchkin and books he has read independently will be included in his portfolio for the year.

Munchkin enjoys his online Reading Eggs program as well as his online Teach Your Monster to Read program.  He spends some time each school day working through the lessons. Munchkin is now working through the Reading Eggspress levels.

Writing ~
Since Munchkin is not reading fluently I do not require him to do a structured writing curriculum at all. He participates in some copy work (writing thank you notes and birthday cards) and will frequently ask us to spell words for him to write down when he is drawing.

Spelling ~
I have continued to hand create his spelling lists this term, but have started to include some of the easier lists from the Ozspeller website. So some weeks he has 10 words to study, and other weeks 20 words. He is handling the transition well.

Handwriting ~
Targeting Handwriting Yr 2 

Grammar ~
Junior Analytical Grammar requires too much writing/reading for Munchkin to participate yet so he will do this program in a few years time.


Munchkin is working through a  Maths Plus Year 3 textbook this year.

Topics we covered this term in the Yr 3 textbook included:
Counting by tens or hundreds, Multiplication facts (3s), Reflect, translate and rotate, Chance - possible outcomes, Trading in subtraction, Division from multiplication, Angles, Millimetres, 3-digit addition, Calculating change, Cross-sections, Litres, Trading in 3-digit subtraction, Fractions of a collection, Temperature, Digital time and analog time, Multiplication facts/revision, Rounding to 5 cents, Grids, Collecting data, Compensation strategy, Division facts and strategies, Scales, Addition problems, Fractions on a number line, Rigidity of shapes, 3-digit subtraction (trading), 4-digit numbers, Octagons, Cubic centimetres, Multiplication mental strategies, Division, Giving directions, Chance - likelihood.
Diagnostic Review 3

Munchkin also enjoys the Mathseeds program online that is part of our Reading Eggs subscription. He works independently (unless he needs help with reading the instructions) and I am continually impressed at the level of difficulty he has mastered on his own.


Munchkin listened in on the read alouds with the older boys. The list of books is the same.


The early years of history/geography in the national curriculum focus mainly on identifying change and continuity within the family unit. They also look at significant people, events, places and sites. Finally they look at changes in technology on people's lives over time. All of this can be more than adequately covered with quality books so we read a LOT of historical fiction and non-fiction books that are aimed directly at Munchkin's age.

As for geography, students are to focus on sequencing events in order using terms related to time. They also compare objects from the past and present. Again, simple terms that are more than sufficiently covered in the number of books we read and the range of topics.





Term Three Social Events:
Celebrated 10th birthday
Enjoyed international visit from his Grandmother from America
Visited Cockatoo Island

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