Saturday, September 21, 2019

Term Three: Week Nine ~ Hands-On Science

Our second to last week of the term and we are working hard to wind all our written work up. When we aren't working hard at that, we're working hard at playing, and enjoying some hands-on science!!

Munchkin LOVES this toy that was my brother's. I LOVE that the "vintage" toys from my childhood are still being loved and enjoyed by another generation. 

Munchkin working hard on writing a little book... 

Monkey had fun with a "nets" math page. I printed out the nets for him and he cut them out and assembled them into 3D shapes. 

This beautiful Blue-Tongue Lizard lives in the bushes about two blocks from the library. Now that the weather is warming up, we enjoying visiting him or her before walking the rest of the way. 

Every once in awhile working together at the table actually works for Munchkin and Monkey! If I sit at the end of the table (in between the two of them) it makes it easier to help both of them at the same time. 

Monkey found a cricket in the house (we get a LOT of them in the house in the spring and summer) and decided he wanted to take care of it. He named it Cricky and did lots of independent research on how best to care for a wild cricket. 

We also started our Discovery Garden seedlings that we have received from Woolworths grocery store. We only had two at first, so Monster and Monkey got first go at planting them, with a promise to Munchkin that he would get to plant the next one we got. 

 Adding water to the soil pod and watching it "grow" like magic... then filling the pot half full.

 Placing the seed sachet (similar to a tea bag) in the centre and then filling the rest of the way with the remaining soil...

Radish and Viola now sit proudly on our dining room windowsill with my mini cactus that was a gift from my pastor's wife several years ago. Now we wait and see if they will grow... 

Cricky with his variety of food... to the left is a strip of carrot, and behind him is some celery leaf and a few pieces of porridge (dry rolled oats) 

We FINALLY got some much needed rain and it absolutely poured for the better part of two days. Sadly, the drought is so bad right now, that we need deep, drenching, continuous rain for a few WEEKS before we will see some relief. 

Our snow pea plant has another crop growing... 

For homeschool group we checked out a brand-new park/playground that opened the weekend before. It has LOTS of play equipment, including stuff suitable for teens! Our group (which now ranges in age from newborn to 20 years old) was in LOVE and played for HOURS! 

A couple more photographs of the play structure.  There is MUCH more to this massive playground but I'll have to photograph them another time!! 

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