Sunday, September 29, 2019

Term Three Evaluation ~ Monster


Reading ~
* You can see from my Weekly Review posts that we read (aloud and independently) a LOT.
* A book list is included in Monster's portfolio with all the books he reads each term.

Writing ~
We still use and LOVE the following curriculum
Institute for Excellence in Writing Program
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

In Term Three Monster wrote paragraphs on the following topics: Sir Douglas Mawson, Joan of Arc, and Charlemagne.

Grammar ~
This year we are using Analytical Grammar which is the next step up after Junior Analytical Grammar.  Term Three we worked through units nine and ten: Helping Verbs, and Compound Situations.


We completed chapters eleven through thirteen in our Year 9 Haese textbook covering the following topics: Further Measurement, Algebraic Factorisation, and Formulae.


Below is a list of the science related books we read.
"Ants Close Up" by Andrew Kelly
"You Can Fill a Swimming Pool With Your Spit" by Truth or Busted series


We read the following books as part of our Medieval Europe/Black Plague unit study:
"1666: Plague, War and Hellfire" by Rebecca Rideal

Other History Books:
"Alice of Peppermint Grove" by Davina Bell
"Peacetime For Alice" by Davina Bell
"Meet Daisy" by Michelle Hamer
"The Rats of Tobruk" by Mark Wilson
"Alexander the Great: Reckless Conqueror" by Carole Wilkinson
"Daisy All Alone" by Michelle Hamer
"Daisy in the Mansion" by Michelle Hamer
"Daisy on the Road" by Michelle Hamer
"Meet Ruby" by Penny Matthews
"How the Finnegans Saved the Ship" by Jackie French
"Ruby and the Country Cousins" by Penny Matthews


Below is the list of books read aloud and/or independently through Term Two:
"Amazing Expeditions" by Anita Ganeri


Monster continued to work through Visual Latin 2.
He completed one per week most weeks of the term.



Term Three Social Events:
Celebrated younger brother's 10th birthday
Enjoyed international visit from his Grandmother from America
Visited Cockatoo Island

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