Saturday, September 28, 2019

Term Three: Week Ten ~ The End is Nigh

We started our final week of the term with some sad news. The cricket that Monkey was so carefully looking after died. We aren't sure if it was the natural end of his life, or if perhaps we inadvertently poisoned him when we gave him some leaves off a plant from underneath our fig tree, forgetting that daddy had recently sprayed it for bugs.

We have a LOT of seedlings for our Discovery Garden project now.
There are even more to plant but we're going to wait and see how these go first. 

Now that the average temperature in our house is above 20C Munchkin's crystals have begun to grow like mad. 

 Monkey is enjoying putting together the new jigsaw puzzle he got as a very late birthday present from a dear friend.

 More seedlings are sprouting!!

Monkey also received some lovely acrylic paints and canvas from our friend and spent an afternoon doing a painting. 

 Friday was our last homeschool group meeting for the term. Sadly we did NOT get to go back to the new playground from the week before as some creepy people have been hanging around. So we went back to an old faithful and enjoyed a "bring a plate" potluck lunch. We also celebrated the birthdays of two members of the group.

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