Saturday, September 14, 2019

Term Three: Week Eight ~ Winding Down the Term

The end of the term is near.
The boys and I are working hard to finish up our written work, and also enjoying lots of reading and other fun activities.

Munchkin LOVES to play games. This particular day we enjoyed a few rounds of "Rat a Tat Cat" - I highly recommend it!! 

Munchkin hard at work on his Animal Research Report.
Each boy had to select an animal, find and print a photo from the computer, and then use one of our many library books to fill out the report paper. 

Munchkin's report... 

Monkey's report... somehow I missed photographing the report Monster completed. 

Friday we enjoyed lots of time at the park with our homeschool group... 

While all the kids played together... I spent some time photographing the toddlers. Mr W still isn't sure what he thinks of this thing called a camera!! 

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