Saturday, March 7, 2020

Term One: Week Six ~ Zoo Trip, Forts, and Playdough

I cheated a bit this week and started our "school week" post with a photo taken on Sunday. Usually I keep family stuff for our family blog, but I just had to add this because we were all so excited to FINALLY be back to the zoo. A big thank you to my stepmother who gifted us with a yearly pass as our family Christmas present. It has been years since we've been to the zoo, because our last family pass was BEFORE Munchkin was four years old.

A lovely American woman we were speaking to while we were in the Koala Enclosure agreed to take a family photo for us. 

 Munchkin spent quite a bit of one day building this fantastic fort...

 He desperately needed to show how he exits and enters the  fort... hence these photos!

We got a TON more rain on the Thursday afternoon... we had to ask daddy to drive us to and from the library it was so wet! So much for the predictions that we were not to expect any measureable rain until APRIL this year!! Our catchment dams are nearly full and our water restrictions are not as severe as they were at Christmas time. 

This is how the boys enjoy their computer time at the library... 

 I have been promising Munchkin an afternoon of playdough fun so I finally got the box out of the cupboard and he was in heaven!!

 LOTS AND LOTS of books were read this week... enjoy browsing all the titles if you are interested...


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