Saturday, March 21, 2020

Term One: Week Eight ~ Changes

The world is changing rapidly right before our eyes. With COVID-19 spreading ever further across the world, hubby and I are having to create a new normal for our life and our family. Hence, my photographs of our structured learning time are nowhere to be seen this week. But the work still got done, and as we all adjust to what life will look like in the weeks and months to come, my photographic journal will improve. For now, if you are interested, enjoy browsing the books the boys enjoyed this week.

Can you tell we are enjoying Sushi Go Party? We play it nearly every single day... 

 Along with the Tom Gates book (see below) Munchkin has been enjoying binge reading the Treehouse books.

It is going to take some work to convince Munchkin that he needs to return these books to the library and let someone else read them too. 

Monster's Independent selections for the week... 

Monster never tires of reading books from the Horrible Histories series. 

Both Munchkin and Monkey enjoyed this book during the week... 

 We finished off the last two books in the Marly series as part of our read aloud time this week. Sadly this ends ALL of the Our Australian Girl books... until next year when I start reading them aloud to Munchkin... he has heard little snippets as I've read them to Monkey this year and he is already excited and looking forward to the experience.

 More Treehouse reading that Munchkin did...

I FINALLY convinced Munchkin to give some of the Roald Dahl books a try as they are all featured on the Premier's Reading Challenge list. He has listened to all the books on audio, but has now also discovered the love of reading them independently. 

 Our selection of Pamela Allen books were enjoyed one afternoon, as he chose a newer book of hers to add to his Premier's Reading Challenge list for this year.

 Both Munchkin and Monkey are enjoying the How to Train Your Dragon books. Thankfully our library has all but one of them available.

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  1. It does not matter how old you get. Mr McGee and the biting Flee is still entertaining. Good lot of reading there guys well done! I think the red fungi that you saw coming up looking like aliens from the earth are a type of stinkhorn fungi. They are super interesting to look at. I think Mystery science had a good episode on fungi a while back. It might be under there free section still.
    I think munchkin's friends will enjoy reading the Tom Gates books , might look into getting some. It's great to see what he has been doing as for recommendations for this bookworm.