Saturday, March 14, 2020

Term One: Week Seven ~ Belated Birthday Celebrations,School Work, and the Wooden Train Set

We began our week with a belated birthday celebration for Monster. A dear friend of ours was unable to attend his birthday party, so she spent the Monday afternoon with us, and we enjoyed good friendship, delicious food, and Monster was blessed with amazing gifts.

Having a good look at the Code Crackers book...

And showing much joy over the game Sushi Go Party!! I have wanted to get this game for quite some time now and was thrilled that Monster received it as a gift.

Straight away we gave the game a try and LOVED it!

Munchkin and Monster both working hard on their school work...

Monkey working on the cards he is creating for a game that he, Munchkin, and some friends from homeschool group are creating together.

Munchkin and I enjoyed a game of Blockus one afternoon.

Lastly, Munchkin spent a good portion of one day building this creative track through the playroom. It kept him busy and entertained for quite a long time.

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