Friday, June 16, 2017

Term Two: Week Eight ~ Hands-On Learning, Mystery Illnesses, and Outdoor Fun

Per usual, as the term winds down, I find that I take less photos. But it doesn't mean we aren't learning, just that I'm being slack with one of my recording methods! This was an interesting week... Monkey came down with a mystery illness Wednesday afternoon which saw us missing out on our co-op learning on Thursday.  He had a low grade fever so half the day, and complained of a sore throat.  But by Thursday morning he was fine and no one else in the family came down with anything.  It turns out it can be a vicious bug... our best friends have come down with it... it has travelled through all the family members (except one) and it takes well over a week for them to fully recover.  Needless to say, I'm thankful that our family seems to have missed out on it.

This week thus became more about hands-on learning and reading, and we escaped to the park by ourselves on Friday so as not to share any residual germs we might have had with our homeschool group.

 Monkey LOVES his hands-on pages in his maths workbook.  I promised him I would set up the volume page for him to do first thing Monday morning.  It required estimating (and then measuring) the number of litres of water that would fit in a variety of different containers.

 My only other photos for the week are these not so great ones of our time at the park. The boys enjoyed climbing, sliding and crossing the monkey bars.  Monkey has learned how to cross monkey bars as well so all three boys are happy. The only problem now is that Monster is getting too tall for some monkey bars!

 Independent reading for Monster...

 One of Munchkin's favourite picture books - I don't mind this one - but I do like to take a break from it now and again...

All three boys LOVE the three little pig adaptation (on the left) and we finished a dragonflies book as part of Munchkin's Letter of the Week program which we are behind in at the moment. 

 Munchkin's other favourite picture book... and my LEAST favourite... thankfully we have negotiated returning this to the library VERY soon to let some other children enjoy it!

 Two more picture books that Munchkin enjoyed this week...

Monkey's independent reading (left) and a cute Native American folktale book that Munchkin enjoys (right). 

Can you tell Munchkin likes the Maisy books at the moment?

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