Friday, June 2, 2017

Term Two: Week Six ~ Puzzles, Games and Mummy Goes Away

There aren't as many photos this week, primarily because in between teaching and playing, I was getting ready for a weekend away.  Every two years, my best friend and I attend a Christian Homeschool Conference for mums.  It is a wonderful weekend of fellowship and encouragement and I really look forward to it.  This was the first year that all three boys were excited about the prospect of a MEN'S weekend.  Two years ago Munchkin suffered a bit as it was his first time being away from me overnight, and two years before that Munchkin (and my best friend's youngest son) attended the conference with us as both were still breastfeeding.

All that said... on with the photos of our week.

Munchkin begged me to put together this puzzle with him... and now I know why some people don't like lenticular puzzles.  They are obnoxious, and I finally begged one of the older boys to help him with it. 

Monster, Munchkin and I enjoyed a game of Memory with Munchkin's Paw Patrol Matching Game. 

Munchkin spent a good portion of one morning putting together the letters he has studied so far this school year.  I found some GREAT Lego Cards HERE that allow a child to build letters with Duplo Legos.  Munchkin got creative and used regular legos when he ran out of the right sized Duplos. 

 I had some plans for some simple school in the morning for an hour or so (Bible, spelling tests, and perhaps a bit of read aloud) but the boys had other ideas.  They decided (for the first time in MONTHS) that they needed to build the biggest train track they possibly could.  They spent in excess of three hours building and cooperating together (and playing NICELY) so I didn't interrupt them!!  According to daddy they left it up until sometime Saturday afternoon when they decided they needed to wrestle.  I guess it isn't time to pack away the train set yet.

Finally, my best friend and I headed out of town about 2pm, and arrived at the conference about 4:30pm.  Just in time to witness this beautiful sunset.  The conference didn't start until 9am Saturday morning so we spent Friday evening checking into our hotel, enjoying a delicious dinner and decadent dessert, and then some quiet time chatting and reading in the late evening.  The conference finished at 12:30pm Sunday leaving us the afternoon to enjoy the sights around us, do some shopping, and enjoy one last meal together before heading home and back to the "real world"!! 

 You know it is an abnormal week in our household when we don't read a lot of books!!

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