Friday, June 30, 2017

Term Two: Week Ten ~ An Early Finish Means Extra Holidays

We made it to the end of the term!  What's even better, we've worked so hard this term that EVERYONE finished a bit early!  YAY!  I have found that Term 2 is our hardest as far as motivation is concerned.  The weather is getting colder, and we struggle to put in the extra effort that we should... ALL of us... not just the boys.  But I'm proud of the effort we all made and thus we were rewarded with three extra days of holiday time.

At the beginning of the week, Monkey had this math page to complete, and his two page end of term review/test.  This was his first try of addition with trading so he found it a bit frustrating. It turns out that the directions in the book were confusing, so when I set him up with manipulatives, he finally "got" the idea and had lots of success.  YAY for the modern invention of Pinterest and the learning resources that are available there.

 Left photo: Monkey using his manipulatives to work out each problem in the book. 
Right photo: The wonderful addition mat that helped his "see" how the process works.

After all this he breezed through the page, then completed his test, and was thrilled that he was done for the term!!

A bit of work on the new puzzle one evening, and there was noticeable progress. 

Thursday was our last co-op day with our friends for the term. The four older children spent some time making a Venn diagram to review the information they learned about Julius and Augustus Caesar.  They also made cardboard models of their arms to show how the skeletal muscles work, and they learned some new Latin vocabulary.  It was a good way to end the term, and they are looking forward to more learning together next term. 

We finished off the week with a late afternoon play at our favourite park with our co-op friends!  This was the first time we had been there since they finished all the construction, and we were thrilled to see what had been added.  I didn't photograph everything, but there is a new big sandpit, some balancing logs, a musical area, and this fabulous water play station.  They have also added much needed additional parking, more covered tables, and a third BBQ! Despite the cool weather, and the fact that the sun was close to setting, the children were IN the water!! 

The airborne shot of Munchkin enjoying the water feature! This will be wonderful in the hot weather this summer! 

 Some science and history learning with these two wonderful new books we found at the library!

 More history learning with a picture book about John Flynn's radio system that allowed people in the remote outback of Australia to communicate with the larger cities in Australia, and a lovely book introducing children to Picasso and some of his most famous artwork.

Fun Independent reading selections for the older boys... 

 Munchkin's favourite picture books for the week...

 We quite liked a Jeannie Baker book we checked out a few weeks ago, so I cleaned the library out of all her books and the boys are enjoying them.

 More picture book selections for Munchkin!  I LOVE that there are new Rosemary Wells books to read... Monster LOVED the Max books when he was younger.

Independent selections for Monster... and his history read aloud for the week.

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