Friday, May 5, 2017

Term Two: Week Two ~ May the Fourth

We started our book work this week, I just didn't photograph any of it! But the boys did enjoy a Light Saber fight with our co-op friends. Fitting since Thursday was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) 

We also got the rare opportunity to see almost the whole leaf curling spider within the leaf. They almost NEVER show their bodies (we only ever see their legs sticking out the bottom of the leaf) so we were all really excited with this find. 

 Read alouds for Munchkin. The book on the left isn't high quality, but it is cute. The book on the right is an old favourite of all the boys, so we had to borrow it again.

The older boys spent the week reading more Minecraft Zombie books. 

 Monkey enjoyed this beautiful book about Bilbies as part of his Premier's Reading Challenge reading, and in the evening we finished this wonderful Usborne book about all different science topics.

Finally, in honour of ANZAC day last week, Monster insisted that his read aloud for this week be about WWI - thus postponing our ancient history studies a bit.

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