Friday, May 12, 2017

Term Two: Week Three ~ Nature Walk and LOTS of Drawing

Week three and we are starting to find our groove.  The weather is cooling off quickly and we are enjoying less rain and more cool sunny days, so time to make the most of it and get outside.

The Munchkin and I enjoyed playing a game of Quirkle. 

Monster and Monkey worked through a drawing lesson online one afternoon. 

Monkey has discovered a real talent and passion in drawing and is allowed to use my mobile/cell phone when his schoolwork is finished.  He loads a How to Draw website, picks an animal he wants to draw, and away he goes. 

Here are some of his beautiful creations from this week. 

I suddenly remembered that my best friend had some time ago shown me a different way to walk from her house to mine, yet I had never shown the boys.  So we took off one afternoon and enjoyed a really long walk.  The first thing we found was what we assume is a tiny bug (brown thing at the top of the foam) making all this spit like looking foam on this plant.  We have NO idea what it is... must remember to try to find out. 

We had to be on the lookout for Orb Weaving spiders as they were EVERYWHERE. A bit part of the reason why this walk took so long is because we kept finding more and more spiders and stopping to photograph them. 

Rest assured I did not have to get this close to this gorgeous spider to take the photo. It is times like this when I LOVE my zoom lens!! 

As our walk was coming to a close we found this spiky caterpillar. We'd never seen any caterpillar like this before so we spent a good bit of time observing him. 

We fed the ducks some grapes... 

And ended our afternoon looking for tiny mud crabs and were rewarded by finding this gorgeous fellow.  We will be making many more trips out on this path again in the very near future. 

Monster spends a good portion of his written work part of his day tackling his math unit. He is rather proud of himself though, as he still consistently scores better than I do. 

Monkey spent a portion of one afternoon creating some new game with the Qwirkle pieces. 

Monkey also spent another day creating and photographing this fabulous Lego battle. 

 Left: Premier's Reaching Challenge selection for Monster
Right: Read aloud selection for Monkey

 A couple of the picture books Munchkin enjoyed this week.

 Left: Ancient History read aloud for Monster
Right: Premier's Reading Challenge book for Monkey

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