Friday, April 28, 2017

Term Two: Week One ~ Natural Learning, ANZAC Day, and Outdoor Fun

The first week of the term was a short week with a pupil free day on Monday (the older boys attended an all day Lego event while Munchkin and I enjoyed a day at home together) and then ANZAC day on Tuesday so we focused on natural learning.

What better way to start off the new term then with new Legos to build. Munchkin enjoyed building new Lego sets that he received from his friends for his birthday. 

 Friday we were able to join our homeschool group at a lovely park that has a new and improved playground, and water to play in.  The boys were in HEAVEN.

As we left in the afternoon, Munchkin and Monkey both took one last turn on the Flying Fox!  

Our book selection for the week...
The book on the left was a GREAT read aloud I did with Monster.
The book on the right was read to all three boys and we enjoyed learning more about coasts. 

 All three boys enjoy ANY books about lizards and reptiles so the Creatures Close Up was a fantastic book.  Also the book on the right is the new Jackie French picture book and the boys LOVED this cute little book.

 More reading aloud about extreme and dangerous animals... and Monkey's read aloud chapter book.  I have really enjoyed reading the Henry Huggins series aloud to him as I never finished the whole series when I was a child.

 Two adorable picture books I read aloud to Munchkin... OH NO Little Dragon is a favourite that we borrow ANY time he finds it at the library, and I suspect Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas will become a new favourite.

 The older boys have found this Minecraft Zombie series (which they are loving) and the following books are the ANZAC books we read.  Midnight was a wonderful book about a horse that had a primary role in the war.  Mark Greenwood is a wonderful author and we devour any books we find written by him...

Top Left: Another wonderful Mark Greenwood book about Simpson and His Donkey, Top Right: An amazing book about how people in Australia helped to rebuild a city in France that was devastated by the war.  And finally, a wonderful Jackie French book about how Australia has celebrated ANZAC Day throughout history. 

 Finally a history read aloud Monster and I finished (LEFT) and a book that Monkey read on his own.  The drawing part was too difficult for him, but he enjoyed the information in the book about the various different ocean animals.

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