Friday, May 26, 2017

Term Two: Week Five ~ Puzzles, Puke, and Pokemon

What an interesting week this was... but we survived!!

Every once in awhile, all three boys can sit at the table together and work. This particular day we all (me included) tackled our math assignment for the day!  And yes, all three boys are wearing red shirts... not sure if they planned that on purpose or if it just happened!! 

Monster's puzzle progress from two different nights. 

Wednesday was our weird day with Munchkin waking up with a tummy bug at 7:30am.  I refused to cancel school for the older boys though.  So our set up was... Munchkin on the lounge with a mink blanket, a big pot, and a stack of books.  Monkey read aloud to him while I worked one-on-one with Monster at the dining table.  Then they switched places and Monster watched DVD's with Munchkin while I worked one-on-one with Monkey.  Thankfully Munchkin was holding down solid food by dinner and no one else caught the bug. 

Finally, photographic proof of Monster working on something other than a math unit. Here he is doing some beautiful handwriting work. 

The peacock puzzle is FINALLY finished!! 

I finally had the boys try out the Art For Kids Hub YouTube channel that some friends of mine from high school have been recommending to me for AGES!!  The boys absolutely LOVED it, especially when they discovered that there are LOTS of lessons on how to draw Pokemon. 

 Monster's Pokemon on the left, Monkey's Pokemon on the right.

 Munchkin's drawings... he did an additional lesson differently from the older boys (drawing on the right)

Monkey also finished his puzzle.  He and I worked on this together. Monster does his puzzles entirely on his own, but Monkey prefers to work together, and needs a bit more help than Monster as well.  This was his first 500 piece puzzle that he attempted so he was very proud of himself when we finished it. 

Monster immediately starts a new puzzle as soon as he finishes one.  This is a 1000 piece puzzle that was given to him for Christmas. 

Monster read this book as part of the Premier's Reading Challenge. 

 Some excellent non-fiction selections for the week.  Monster and I are wrapping up our ancient history with a little bit of a back track (left) and all of us enjoyed learning more about Uluru.

 Some of Munchkin's picture book selections for the week.

 We enjoyed reading about spiders and scorpions during our lunches this week, and Munchkin is working his way through the entire Elmer collection.

Since Monster and I have wrapped up our ancient history studies, it is on to VIKINGS!! Monkey and I finished up the Henry Huggins books with Ribsy!  This was a wonderful book.

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