Friday, June 24, 2016

Term Two: Week Nine ~ Almost There

Week nine and we are almost there.
With cold weather and lingering coughs, we are counting down the days to school holidays.
There are no photographs of structured written work, but we completed spelling, maths, reading and writing through the week.
The boys were gifted with LOTS of Lego and some new books from friends of ours, so much of the week was devoted to natural learning using their new things.

Four new tubs of miscellaneous Lego (green, yellow, pink and purple as shown in this photo) means LOTS of imaginative play time.  The boys were THRILLED to find LOTS and LOTS of mini figures in the boxes and they now have elaborate games created using all of them. 

Quite a mixture of books here as Monster enjoyed a set of Zac Power books given to him by our friends, we are working hard to wrap up our Ancient Egypt unit so we can start Ancient Greece next term, and we continue with our nutrition unit.  As always there are picture books thrown in for good measure.

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