Friday, July 1, 2016

Term Two: Week Ten ~ The End

We made it to the final week of the term!
I cannot believe we are halfway through the school year already.
Time is flying.

I am SO very proud of Monster.
While Monkey only had his spelling to do for the week, Monster had spelling, an IEW paragraph to write, and FOUR pages of maths to do.  He worked hard, complained very little, and got it all done.  He admitted it felt good to know that there would be nothing hanging over his head for his two weeks of holidays. 

I cannot say enough good things about the writing curriculum we are using this term.
Simply put, it is AWESOME, and my eldest son is writing paragraphs, writing them well, and complaining very little about the whole process!!  YAY!!
This last paragraph for this term certainly isn't his best effort, but I'm still focusing more on the process than the product, and so I'm happy with the effort he put in. The writing itself is a little awkward but I've left it as is... it will naturally improve as we continue with this program and the process of writing.
This is the original paragraph that I took out of an Usborne book about mummies and pyramids.

This is Monster's key word outline he created from the above paragraph. 

A horrible photograph and hard to read, but this is Monster's rough draft paragraph, rewritten using his key word outline.  The red writing is the editing I helped him do. We made a couple of grammatical corrections and added in (dressed it up) -ly words (adverbs).  Next term we will add another dress up so I will need to do some work over the second week of the holidays to plan what the new dress up will be and prepare everything for Monster's next paragraph. 

 Monster's final draft which he typed up on my computer and printed out all on his own.

The rest of the week was spent reading and working on the puzzle.
I had hoped we would finish it so we could start a new puzzle third term, but we aren't quite ready yet.

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