Friday, June 10, 2016

Term Two: Week Seven ~ Getting Back on Track

We enjoyed spending all of Monday and Tuesday morning with Nana.
All three boys enjoyed watching and helping her cook their favourite meals through the day on Monday.  That evening we enjoyed goat curry, fish curry, potato steaks, and special flat bread made by Nana and her two special helpers!

Monkey reckons he's watched Nana enough, and helped her enough, that he and I could make this bread on our own.  I'm keen to give it a try soon and see if he is right. 

The older boys enjoyed playing Rummikub with Nana before she left for the airport Tuesday morning.  I think they got two full games in before she had to go. 

The boys enjoyed a mammoth play dough session Tuesday afternoon while I read some information books aloud to them. 

Thursday afternoon at the library saw Monkey catching up on some work while the other two boys used the computers. 

Friday was a natural learning sort of day with all three boys spending a majority of the morning pouring over this book (title will be down below in the book section) to solve the mystery within the story and claim the special prize from the author's website. 

The prize was a Jewel Fish to download, print out, cut out, and assemble.
There was a colour version (right) and a black and white version (left) that they could colour in first if they chose. 

The boys also watched three episodes of this DVD about life in Antarctica. 

Monster's independent reading...

 Despite my voice still not being at 100% we did a LOT of reading aloud this week. These books were all wonderful.

We enjoyed some wombat love this week with a selection of Jackie French picture books. 

 The book on the left was the one the boys poured over on Friday.  It was also an independent Premier's Reading Challenge book for Monster.  The book on the left was a book George (our favourite librarian) set aside for us because he knows Monkey loves dinosaurs, but it was a bit too simplistic for him.  Munchkin hasn't really "discovered" the wonder of dinosaurs yet, so after one quick read through, back to the library it goes.

Between Nana being here, and behaviour issues in the evenings, we are still working to get our evening routine back on track.  But we did get a couple nights of reading an puzzle time in. 

Finally, just for a change, I thought I would share this book that I read this week.  I got VERY little sleep this week thanks to this book, but it was well worth the sacrifice.  This is the fifth book in a wonderful series and I was thrilled to learn (in the author's notes at the back) that a sixth book is being written, and perhaps there will be a seventh as well.  Jackie French is an amazing woman and author, and I highly recommend her books to anyone who loves to read.

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