Monday, July 20, 2020

July School Holidays: Week Two ~ Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery

 Sunday dawned cloudy with the possibility of a severe thunderstorm... but we only managed a couple of claps. Thankfully we did get some rain out of the weather system though. We still need much more rain for our drought to break.

Monkey and I stayed home from church as he was still coughing heaps and running a fever. He enjoyed some quiet time working on his paper craft while I took the opportunity to get some chores and school planning done without multiple interruptions.

In the late afternoon I pulled our library books out of their quarantine period in the garage and added them to our special "library" bookshelf. There are lots of good WWI titles in here, as well as book to start an Australian Gold Rushes unit for Monkey.

There was much excitement in the evening when Monkey's troublesome wobbly tooth (molar) finally came out. Sadly his fever spiked that evening at 39.5C or about 103.2F so I informed him we would be returning to the doctor first thing in the morning. 

As soon as the nurse and doctor had listened to Monkey's lungs they ordered a chest x-ray. It turned out that he had bacterial pneumonia. So we started a short course of high dose antibiotics, with strict instructions to rest all week and come in for a review on Friday. Hence our second week of the term was much like the first and we spent most of each day hanging out in the lounge room with quiet activities while I read aloud to them.

Tuesday night Monkey's fever broke and Wednesday morning was the first day he woke fever free since the 6th of July! We knew then that he was officially on the mend... especially since he also felt well enough to pester his brothers!  Friday brought a very positive report from the doctor who said his lungs sounded good and he was clear to resume his normal daily activities. 

Just in time for the start of Term Three on the coming Monday!!

A dear friend gifted Monster with this 500 piece puzzle and he completed it over he course of two nights and a total of about three hours. 

 Independent reading for the Munchkin!

We finished off our detour unit study on the history of money... 

 Munchkin enjoyed these chapter book series...

 All the sick day read alouds meant we made excellent progress with our Ramona books...

More independent reading for Munchkin... 

WWI read aloud for Monster (left photo) and all three boys enjoyed learning a little bit about Nelson Mandela as part of our racism unit study.

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