Saturday, July 4, 2020

Term Two: Week Ten ~ Wrapping Things Up

Week Ten is finished and the 2020 school year is officially half over. It has been weird and wild year, no doubt about it, but for at least the millionth time I am feeling blessed that we chose the path of homeschooling. Through the lock down and the disruption of the global pandemic, we have been able to school as normal, with a few minor adjustments.

Our week ten comprised of wrapping up any unfinished work and then enjoying the extra free time we had earned... so not a lot of photos of structured written work this week.

Monkey is always drawing... I know this isn't the most beautiful picture to look at... but his talent continues to amaze me! For those of you who don't know... this picture is a character from the computer game Plants vs. Zombies. Monkey drew this just by looking at a picture. 

In the wake of George Floyd's murder and the riots and on-going racial tensions in America, I have started a unit study with the boys on racism and inequality. So we started by watching this movie as we had read several books about Katherine Johnson earlier in the term. If you have not yet seen this movie, do yourself a favour and watch it! 

My early bird (Munchkin) busy at work with various paper craft activities bright and early in the morning. 

Monster worked hard through the week to wrap up his last IEW writing assignment for the term. I passed it on to a teacher friend of mine who said it was very well written indeed. 

A friend in our homeschool group is having her house torn down and re-built. So one afternoon when we had to go out we walked up and had a look. Good thing we did too or we would have missed all the excitement. 

Monster worked on his puzzle two nights this week... you can see the progress made from the first night (top photo) to the second night (bottom photo)! He is anxious to finish this puzzle and start a new one! 

I started reading the Ramona series to Munchkin this week... he was very unsure at first... but the wonder of the books has sucked him in and now he BEGS me to read every day! I love sharing my childhood books with the boys... as I'm reading this series aloud all three boys are enjoying the mischief of Ramona! 

 Monster and I finished two wonderful WWI books this week!

 Daniel enjoyed a new chapter book series from the library, as well as some well loved picture books.

Independent reading for Monster... 

One last read of these books before they head back to the library...

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