Saturday, July 25, 2020

Term Three: Week One ~ Puzzles, Games, and Birthday Celebrations

Term Three is upon us... and in the weirdness that is 2020... the second half of our school year has begun. We eased back into our school routine so my photo this week highlight our non-structured activities.

Per our usual "pandemic" routine, I pulled our library reserves out of their quarantine period in the garage on Sunday. Because most of the books are now coated in plastic, they spend three days in "solitary confinement" before they join the rest of the books on the shelf. We pick our reserves up on Thursday afternoons, so Sunday afternoon is always an exciting part of our week. There is a good mix of school reading and independent reading in this stack. 

 Monkey won a game of Monopoly... this was HUGE for him. So he insisted on a picture of him with all his "loot" - money and properties that he acquired during the game. Meanwhile Munchkin pulled the box of Tangrams out of my cupboard this week and enjoyed putting together some of the puzzles.

Munchkin has also decided to try putting together a 500 piece puzzle all on his own. 

 We got outside for some exercise and some sunshine... very important as it was forecast to rain (heavily) all weekend long.

We checked out the progress on the construction in our neighbourhood and I snapped a photo as I haven't documented the work for awhile... it turns out that this is going to be FOUR units (apartments) when they are finished with it. 

Monster began a new 1000 piece puzzle... the first night he was content with getting the frame nearly completed. 

Munchkin was pleased with the progress he made on his puzzle this week... 

 More time outside... scooters this time.

More puzzle progress...  

The boys always love it when they can convince daddy to play Monopoly with them...  

This 1000 piece puzzle is proving to be quite easy... 

Munchkin decided to try his hand at building a marble run out of Lego... I was quite impressed with his concentration and his work... HERE is the blog post with the instructions... 

More board game fun with daddy... this time it was Ticket to Ride... 

 We finished off the week with Monkey's 11th birthday celebrations on Saturday... no birthday party for him either but we made the day special for him. Some friends from homeschool group dropped of a bag of presents, we allowed a pj day, there was a special breakfast of bacon and pancakes, and his chosen menu for dinner.

Monkey and Munchkin spent some of the day putting together a Lego set that was a special gift from our Pastors for staying diligent with their memory verses during the 3.5 months that we were unable to attend church. 

 We finished off the special day, and our first week of the new term, with chocolate cake and candles! It was a good week...

 Munchkin finished off his Premier's Reading Challenge this week... These two selections finished the challenge off for him. Now all three boys are finished for the 2020 school year and will await their certificates later in the year.

Munchkin has discovered the Deltora Quest books by Emily Rodda... Monkey's best friend has been trying to get them to try these books for YEARS!  Munchkin loves them... and our library has STACKS of them! 

A new Ninja Kid book was published recently so Munchkin had to borrow all the books in the series so he could re-read them. 

 Chapter book read alouds that we finished this week... All three boys are enjoying the Ramona series and Monster and I both enjoyed "Black Like Me" and found it very eye-opening.

 Science/geography read alouds for the week... we started a chemistry unit and I'll adapt it accordingly for the three different age levels/grades.

 One of Munchkin's favourite picture books (left photo) and the first book in our Australian Gold Rushes unit study for Monkey (right photo)

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