Saturday, February 2, 2019

Term One: Week One ~ Beginning Our 2019 School Year

Our very first week of the new school year!
We started on Monday. No extra public holiday needed for us, and since I had five mornings the week before for "in-service" and planning while hubby took all three boys to swimming lessons, I didn't need any extra planning time. So we just decided to dive in and get started. I kept the work load light and easy... we only tackled math and reading... but it felt good to get started.

 Monkey and Munchkin working on written work at the dining table.

Monkey working on Reading Eggspress... 

 Some nice easy math for Munchkin to start with...

 And a nice easy page for Monkey to start on as well...

Munchkin working on Reading Eggs. 

I'm reading Charlotte's Web aloud to Munchkin. One afternoon he did some drawing while I read to him. 

I found a few different early reader books for Munchkin for his first week of school... 

Our third heat wave of the summer hit during the latter part of the week, so afternoons were spent inside doing our best to keep cool. This particular afternoon we played Chinese checkers. 

Munchkin is my early riser, so he was writing a Christmas thank you note while also eating breakfast. 

Monster and I enjoyed a late afternoon game of Scrabble. 

This bird has intrigued us. It often sits in the big tree across the street and cries. We have no idea what kind of bird it is. 

Homeschool group met at our new favourite park and we enjoyed SIX hours of play and socialization. Monster and Monkey enjoyed teaching several of their friends how to play Otrio. 

They also enjoyed pushing each other on the spider web swing.
Meanwhile, the mums sat and chatted while we kept an eye on the littlest kiddos. It was fun to watch how the older kids interacted through the day. Not having been age and gender segregated during recess and lunch in a school situation, the children played together well. Sometimes they DID segregate by gender or age, but more often than not, the groups were constantly changing. It was also lovely to see Monkey invent a "lava tips/tag" game that all the children participated in, with the older children assisting the younger ones. We have worked hard over the past 8-9 years to build a loving and welcoming community and I feel very blessed to be a part of this group of people. 

Independent reading selections for Monkey (left) and Monster (right). 

 We started a unit study on light... some of the easier books will be read during lunch, while the harder ones will be read just to Monkey and Monster in the evenings.

 Picture book selections for Munchkin...

History read aloud for Monster. He and I are THRILLED to dive back into our HUGE unit study about the Middle Ages and the Black Plague. 

 Early reader books for Munchkin... his reading continues to improve greatly day by day.

 A big bunch of books was due back to the library, so there was some SERIOUS picture book reading happening through the week.

 History read alouds for Monkey... the book on the left was amazing. A true story about three children (age 9, age 7 and age 4) who survived eight nights and nine days lost in the Australian bush in the 1860s.

 Finally a selection of some of the new picture books Munchkin chose during our library trip on Thursday.

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