Saturday, February 16, 2019

Term One: Week Three ~ Puzzles, Birthday Celebrations, and Books

It has been an interesting week. LOTS of puzzle progress, celebrating the Monster turning 13, and reading lots and lots of books. Much schoolwork was done as well, I just didn't photograph any of it.

Sunday night Monster finally finished this puzzle. It seemed he had been working on it for AGES, but in reality, he took a LONG break from working on it. 

He promptly started a new puzzle... another 1000 piece one. 

During the day, we also started the 1500 piece puzzle that Grandma sent the family for Christmas. 

The birthday boy... getting ready for cake! 

More puzzle progress... 

Some independent (easy) reading for Monster, but these looked interesting after our mini unit study on John Flynn and the Royal Flying Doctors Service. 

History read aloud for Monkey... 

Munchkin continues to make progress with the Fitzroy early reader books. 

 History read alouds for Monkey (left) and Monster (right).

We're working hard to wrap up our unit study on light... 

Now that they are older, both Monster and Monkey prefer to read non-fiction books for their PRC selections. 

More non-fiction evening read aloud selections. The medieval book and the deforestation book were part of Monster's study, while I read the Farming book to both older boys. 

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