Saturday, January 19, 2019

Summer School Holidays ~ Week Five

Another heat wave, so it was indoor activities for us this week.

 All three boys LOVED the Bingo day at the library. With the move to the new library building, we have a new, permanent, children's librarian. She did Bingo slightly differently from the librarians in the past and the boys LOVED it!!

We played Mexican Trains one afternoon... 

 The older  boys got to attend a special Virtual Reality event at the library. It was ages 8yrs to 14yrs so Munchkin stayed home with daddy and enjoyed extra Minecraft time.

I found some fun table activities in the office when I was cleaning my desk. So I set them out on the dining table one afternoon for the boys to enjoy while I read aloud. 

 Munchkin has done VERY well with his Early Readers through the summer. Time to reserve the next level up for the new school year!!

Monkey worked on some independent reading for the summer reading challenge. 

 Evenings were spent reading these two books to Monkey and Monster.

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