Saturday, January 12, 2019

Summer School Holiday ~ Week Four

We enjoyed a quiet week this week.
Daddy purchased the boys' subscriptions to Minecraft so there was some extra screen time allowed through the week while they got themselves set up. The weather FINALLY cooled off a bit as well, which was a welcome relief after two weeks of heat.

 I spent a portion of an afternoon reading aloud The Silver Chair while the boys enjoyed their special craft box from Lyndall.

 We went to our first school holiday event since the move to the new building. They enjoyed a "Flying Objects" craft event. Essentially, they made a little parachute person and a kite. Simple crafts, but an enjoyable morning.

The older boys attended a Scratch coding class one other afternoon. The age range was 8 yrs - 14 yrs, so Munchkin stayed home with daddy and enjoyed some extra Minecraft time instead.

 Per our usual, we read a lot of books. All three boys are participating in the library's summer reading challenge, so they are all working hard to read as many books as they can.

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