Saturday, January 5, 2019

Summer School Holidays ~ Week Three

Week three involved ringing in the new year and continuing to do all we could to survive the heatwave that began on Boxing Day. This is a MASSIVE blog post because we read a LOT of books. So feel free to skim if you aren't interested in the titles of ALL the books we read!

Monkey spent an afternoon drawing his artistic interpretation of the Sydney Opera House. He used a photograph as a guide to draw this picture. 

On the way to the library the boys spotted this spider... it was still in the same spot when we headed home two hours later, so we had to photograph it. 

A tremendous thunderstorm rolled in at about 7pm New Year's Eve... complete with torrential rain that caused some flash flooding in our street and driveway. 

Later that evening we drove into the city to enjoy the fireworks from one of our client's office windows. We had about a three hour wait before the midnight fireworks, so we filled our time, and stayed awake, playing card games. 

Munchkin was going through his paper box one afternoon and discovered he still had some Aboriginal style colouring pages to complete. He decided to spend much of a morning colouring this beautiful dolphin. 

I put a 500 piece puzzle out on the dining room table one morning so that we could spend the day working on it as we had time and interest.  

We are making good progress... 

During our regular Thursday visit to the library we discovered that there was a life sized chess set about half a block from the library entrance. The boys are super excited. I'm happy that there are nice seats nearby too... this will be a perfect lunch spot. 

 And of course we read a tremendous number of books... the list is EXTRA long right now because Munchkin has learned to read... so HE reads all his picture books out loud to one of us (or silently to himself if it is easy enough) AND dad or I still read the picture books aloud to him at bedtime as well.

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