Saturday, May 12, 2018

Term Two: Week Two ~ Getting Back to It

We two and we are slowly finding our groove.
Plus, I picked up the camera and photographed more than just the books we read.

Monster started a new unit in his writing program. Writing a report using more than one source. He took it in his stride, as he has all his additional "high school level" work, and got on with the task at hand.  I am immensely impressed with the new level of maturity he is showing this year where school is concerned. 

Photographic proof that sometimes we can all work at the table together! 

 Notebooking pages that Monster and Monkey did about the country of Malaysia.

 The corresponding books we read about the country.

Proof that we got outside this week... I spotted this tree as we walked up to our favourite park to meet up with our homeschool group on Friday. 

Independent/silent reading for Monster. 

Bedtime story selections of Munchkin's... 

I read this aloud to Monster and it was incredible. 

 More evening routine/bedtime books for Munchkin...

 Monster and I are enjoying some more books about Ancient China now that our library has combined with several more libraries in the area.

 Evening read alouds for the two older boys...

And lucky last, a new favourite from Munchkin.

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