Saturday, May 26, 2018

Term Two: Week Three/Week Four ~ Life, Death, and the Grieving Process

As you will see from the title of the post, this is a combination of two weeks.
Sadly, the boys' grandfather, my FIL, died suddenly on Mother's Day, completely changing our lives in general, and the school plans I had made for the upcoming week.  We canceled all book work for two full weeks as we dealt with our grief and emotions, took two trips to the doctor for an infected rash on the back of Munchkin's legs, and spent time with family during the funeral. We continued to read when we could, but the beauty of homeschooling, is that there is TIME to stop and focus on other things, knowing that we can catch up quickly when the routine returns to "normal".

When life as you know it is already crazy... add MORE crazy... and agree to let the Munchkin paint!! 

Nana spent a night with us, which meant board games, and some extra screen time playing games on her tablet. 

We still stuck with one plan for the week... a trip to the city to visit the Australian Museum for National Museum day.  First thing I did was tackle a photography challenge assignment by snapping this "photo within a photo"!! 

Archibald Fountain... just because!! 

The T-Rex exhibit won't re-open until October, but the boys still LOVE to use this "create a dinosaur" computer program!! 

As part of the planned activities for National Museum Day, the boys learned how to make jewelry with emu feathers. 

 We ended our day at the museum where we ALWAYS do... in Search and Discover... searching for stick insect eggs... and holding the stick insects!!

A beautiful evening view of the Harbour as seen from Circular Quay train station! 

In other news, the two older boys got to ride in their cousin's Porsche during some of the family events surrounding the funeral. 

 PRC book for Monster

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