Friday, November 18, 2016

Term Four: Week Six ~ Self Directed Learning

Munchkin LOVES this wonderful learning toy that was my brother's decades ago.
A great way to practice shape recognition and enhance creativity. 

The older boys LOVE our natural learning days when they can play a mammoth Pokemon card game. 

We ended the week with a trip to Carrss Park with our homeschool group. There is a beautiful new playground and a place to swim.  The boys were in HEAVEN and it was a hot day too so the perfect way to stay cool. 

The older boys independent reading.
For some reason we didn't read any picture books this week. 

Our read aloud books that we finished... Monkey's on the left, Monster's on the right. 

 I finished the last book in the Matilda Saga (my 2nd reading through all the books) now I just wait for the sixth book to be released in December.

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