Friday, November 25, 2016

Term Four: Week Seven

Hmmmm... no idea what happened photographically speaking...

Monkey diligently worked on his maths workbook. He knows that once he finishes it he is finished with structured maths for the year. We will sneak maths into our everyday learning through the summer (games, cooking, etc) but the written work will be done.  This was another hands-on page and he LOVES those! 

 I asked Munchkin if he wanted to try some cutting practice pages and he eagerly agreed.  I will plan these regularly for him next year, as it is clear to me that he needs practice holding and using scissors.  Despite his unorthodox method of holding and using them, he is quite good at cutting.

Our local library has been ordering in new books again, so we found some science books that looked ever so interesting to us. 

 Independent reading...

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