Friday, November 11, 2016

Term Four: Week Five ~ Photographic Focus on Munchkin

It seems this week my photographic focus was on Munchkin.
Rather fitting actually as he is starting to show an increased interest in directed learning activities.

 He rather enjoyed putting together some little puzzles that focus on the alphabet (above) and counting (below).  I'm not particularly happy with the quality of the alphabet puzzle as I thought some of the picture/sound combinations were unclear and confusing, but with some discussion Munchkin was able to match them.

The number matching game (1-10) is really too simple for him since he can count to 30 independently, but again, he enjoyed the "learning activities" and the one-on-one time with me.  He will definitely be ready for a focused period of structured learning next year. 

This was my shock for the week.  While I was working in the office, the boys were playing together in the playroom.  It turns out Munchkin (4.5 yrs old) asked his Monkey (7 yrs old) to write some simple words down on a piece of paper so he could copy them (by sight only) onto his own piece of paper!  His (Munchkin's) writing is shown above and it blew my husband and I both away!  Munchkin has done a handful of worksheets that focus on writing (tracing sheets) and most of those were simply of his name! 

Monkey's evening read aloud continues to come from the Ramona series! 

Meanwhile, Monster and I are working through the Narnia books. 

 Our collection of independent reading and read aloud books for the week!

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