Friday, June 13, 2014

Week Seven ~

Lots of pictures this week...

 First up is the HUGE crane that was working down the street from our house reinforcing the train tracks.  It is the 2nd largest crane in the Southern Hemisphere measuring 260 metres when fully assembled.  It took nine days to move it in and assemble it, only 48 hours to complete the work on the train track, and another nine days to take it apart and ship it back out on flatbed trucks!  The boys LOVED watching the process.

 Another Pinterest Toddler idea - and he LOVED this one - spending quite awhile sticking the pipe cleaners in the strainer before moving on to another activity.

 Both the big boys enjoyed these mosaic pictures!

 Paint with Water is another great activity for Munchkin!

The big boys are interested in trying a unit study on the solar system.
We started with the sun and read these two books aloud.

Finished mosaic pictures...

Two new fine motor skills games/toys I got out for the big boys.

 Monster and I are making slow progress on our puzzle.
What amazes me is that he places MANY more puzzle pieces than I am able to.

We finished off our busy week with some indoor rock climbing!
It was AWESOME!!

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