Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Beginnings of Tot School

I will most likely have Munchkin do some "Tot School" activities next year so that he can feel included in our school day and also to give him activities to occupy his mind and body while I'm schooling the other boys.

I have therefore been trying out a few different activities with him as I make some mental plans to see what he likes to do and what holds his interest.

This selection of photos was taken over a period of several days.

 Enjoying drawing with his own special set of textas...

 He LOVES water play...

 In between his tastes of the playdough he actually did some playing!

 Putting pipe cleaners in an empty water bottle... this activity would have held his interest much longer I think if his brothers hadn't decided to "help" him!

Collage with contact paper and coloured cellophane

Playing with our box of match box cars and other vehicles is a favourite activity at the moment.

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