Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Toys Made New

When my mom came she was able to bring quite a few of the fun and educational toys that I used when I was growing up.  The big boys are really enjoying exploring them and learning with them.

Design Discoveries has many pages with pictures on them and the child uses a variety of shapes to create the given picture on the page.  Monkey finds this VERY challenging but there are a few pages at the beginning that he will attempt and has a lot of success with. 

Monkey also really enjoys the Touch 'N Tell which is an electronic learning game.  He can push on an object or picture and the game will tell him what it is... then if he waits a few moments the game will switch to asking him to find different things on the page! 

Meanwhile Monster was discovering the Magic Mosaic.  I gave him an "assignment" to create a pattern and the picture below is his finished product. 

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