Saturday, July 6, 2019

Term Two: Week Ten ~ Play Dates, Rain, and Math Tests

Week Ten and our term is winding to a close. There is much excitement in the house as we prepare for a visit from my mum over school holidays, and also get ready to celebrate Monkey's 10th birthday at the end of the month as well. It doesn't seem possible that I will soon have TWO children in double digits, nor that I am considered a "seasoned" homeschool mum.

We started our week with a play date on Monday. It was fun to visit with relatively new friends of ours. We met at the end of last year, and already we are having to say good-bye, as they get ready to move to Singapore for a few years. In the above photograph the children enjoyed their morning tea/early lunch in the sunshine on the back verandah. 

 The highlight for Monkey was getting to meet the newest member of our friend's family. Though the baby is crying in these photos, it was only because he was ready for a feed and a sleep. Earlier he had been contentedly laying there cooing and staring at Monkey.

Our only written work left for week 10 (thankfully) was math tests. In this photo Monkey and Munchkin are working on their tests. 

Homeschool group met at a new park that we have yet to see. Despite this rain, a few families braved it, and apparently enjoyed themselves in between the rain. I had two children with colds, and I felt it was in our best interests to stay home where we would be warm and dry. 

Independent reading for Monkey... 

A new Wombat book from Jackie French is ALWAYS exciting!! 

 All three boys are working through the Mincraft Zombie series again...

We continue to work (slowly) through our information books about the human body. I read these aloud to all three boys. 

 Evening read aloud chapter books for Monkey (left) and Monster (right).

Munchkin is STILL reading (or should I say re-reading) the Dog Man books! 

Pamela Allen books are featuring heavily in the evening read aloud sessions for Munchkin... 

 With the occasional Splat book, or other random picture book thrown in for good measure, and surprise variety!

Monster's new obsession is ANTS... and surprisingly... they are actually quite interesting to learn about. 

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