Saturday, July 27, 2019

Term Three: Week One ~ Extended School Holidays

Since my mum is visiting from America for two weeks, the boys and I are enjoying an extended school holidays. So while the public and private school students headed back to the classroom this week, we enjoyed some extra activities and lots of special time with Grandmama.

Monday was the pupil free Lego day event for Monkey and Munchkin. Sadly, Munchkin came down with a stomach bug the night before, so Monkey attended the event solo this time, Munchkin enjoyed a quiet sick day at home with daddy, while Monster, Grandmama and I took a trip into the city. My mum wanted to do some souvenir shopping for the grandchildren back in America and we thought this was best done without the younger boys.

Monster and I LOVED showing Grandmama "Angel Place"! 

One of the things I LOVE about sightseeing with visitors is that I tend to look UP more! We discovered this beautiful building and I decided I would LOVE to see the inside of the top portion of the building. With all of those round windows it must be AMAZING inside!! 

This building just looked spectacular against the beautiful blue sky. 

This Rainbow Lorikeet sat quite contentedly outside a coffee shop for some time. I tried to creep closer to get a better shot, but it got scared away when someone came out of the cafe. 

This little water fountain/bubbler near the ground is ACTUALLY for dogs to get a drink from, but the seagulls have discovered it is a great way for them to get an easy drink as well. 

Munchkin and I enjoyed a few games of Pop the Pig one afternoon... 

 We're still keeping a close eye on our pea plants...

 We also celebrated the Monkey turning 10 years old!

More puzzle progress... 

The tradition of a Hungry Jacks birthday party continued for yet another year... not sure how much longer this will continue... but everyone enjoyed a good feed... 

And a buggy ride... which is the highlight of the Hungry Jacks birthday party!! 

Then it was home in the afternoon/evening and time to open gifts from his friends! 

 Between spending time with Grandmama, and celebrating a big birthday, there wasn't as much reading happening this week... only the independent reading the boys did while travelling on public transport or hanging out at home.

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