Saturday, July 13, 2019

School Holidays: Week One ~ Tweaking Routines

School holidays are upon us and we are happy for the break from written work and the chance to focus on other activities for awhile. I recently decided that trying to clean areas of the house during the school week wasn't really working for us anymore. Now that Monster spends more hours per day on written work, it was getting stressful trying to pack a cleaning chore into our day as well. So I decided to move all the cleaning chores to Saturday morning and attach it to their ability to have their screen time. As in, there IS no screen time UNTIL the house is clean!!

I had WAY too much fun creating and putting together this nifty little chart (though it needs some adjusting) so that everyone can see clearly what is expected of them each week. My chores are the yellow boxes at the bottom. They never change. But the boys' chores are colour coded and they rotate each week so that each boy gets a chance to learn how to clean different areas of the house. 

 Some photos of the boys working hard the first Saturday we put the new routine into practice. Not sure why I didn't manage to get a picture of Monster doing some of his chores.

There were BIG toy sales going on at Kmart and Big W so daddy surprised them after church and bought them each a new Lego set. So as soon as we got home, all three boys set themselves up in the lounge room for the mammoth build session. 

 We attended some special craft activities at the library to celebrate NAIDOC week. The boys enjoyed dot painting a boomerang and a paper plate snake.

The weather could NOT be better for the school holidays! After a couple weeks of wet and cold weather, we were more than ready for some sunshine. 

 Finally we spent several days enjoying our vast and ever growing collection of board games and card games!

Even though it is school holidays, we are still doing LOTS of reading. Monster and I finished off the Medieval Europe book before moving on to lighter reading for the holidays. 

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