Friday, February 27, 2015

Week Five ~ The Work, The Rest, and The Mess

~ The Work ~

 Munchkin doing some drawing...

 Monkey working on maths...

 Monster working on his IEW paragraph...

~ The Mess ~
Sometimes I'm able to leave Munchkin to his own devices and he will entertain himself well.  Other times he entertains himself by getting out EVERY toy possible whether or not he ever actually plays with them.

 ... and occasionally he finds new homes for books as well!

~ The Rest ~
Our read aloud selection for the week...
 We FINALLY finished off the last our of African animal books... these were WONDERFUL books but absolutely packed with information so it was S L O W reading!!

 I've started Australian History with Monster... we do our reading for this in the evenings after the other two boys are in bed.  Monkey is not quite old enough for the depth of information in these books so we read the information (non-fiction) books at night and share any picture books with the younger boys during the day.  I will repeat Australian History when Monkey is in Year 4 so he won't miss anything - in case anyone is concerned!

 Monkey chose to read this African Fables book one night ~ I grabbed it on a whim during a library visit and it turns out the boys LOVED it and we read it twice.

 Our plants unit study is going slowly ~ but definitely still going.

I started a daily read aloud and narration session with Monkey this week.
These four books were the choices for this week.

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