Saturday, November 2, 2019

Term Four: Week Three ~ Painting, Parks, and Books

This week we focused on getting back into our normal routine after the excitement of Nana visiting and meeting a real live author. These days I seem to be so busy helping the boys with their structured written work, that I forget to photograph them while they are working. But rest assured that every day we cover the basics: reading, writing, and math.

 Monkey is LOVING his acrylic paint set that was given to him for his birthday. He spent a LOT of his free time this week experimenting with the paints and created some beautiful paintings.

Friday saw a return to a NEW playground, which I think will quickly become a favourite. We had to take a break from this park for awhile, as the newness of it brought out a swarm of creepy people. But now that the park has been open for a couple of months, the crowds have gone, and we can have more fun. At one point on this particular day, we had the whole place to ourselves.  It was a warm day, so in between running and climbing and exploring, the big boys played some board games. 

My ultimate goal is to get a smile out of this guy... 

This double flying fox is AMAZING! It is EXTREMELY long and fully inclusive. As you can see from the photos, one side is the traditional round seat, while the other side is a full sized chair with belts. This allows immobile children to enjoy the feeling of flying, and also allows smaller children to ride with an older sibling or a parent.  

 As you can probably see from my selection of photos, the big boys LOVE it!!

 No day, however, is complete, without some time on the spider swing. It seems the more children you pile onto it, the better too. Just a bigger workout for the biggest and tallest boys (Monster and one of his best friends) to push everyone.

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