Saturday, November 23, 2019

Term Four: Week Six ~ Excursion With Friends

Week six means we are officially on the home stretch to the end of the year and our summer holidays. This was a busy week for us with an excursion to the city as well as our regular events and learning.

Monster started a new puzzle... this was his progress through the week. 

We continue to be blanketed with smoke haze, particularly in the early morning and overnight. 

Tuesday was one of our favourite librarians last days at our branch, and she graciously agreed to a group photo on the day we went to say good-bye. 

Munchkin is spending LOTS of time crafting as he makes homemade Christmas gifts for his brothers. 

Thursday morning it was off to the city with two other families from homeschool group. We headed to the Botanical Gardens to check out the carnivorous plants, and also did a few other things. 

I think this is a flower on a ginger plant... I have never seen the flowers before... they are beautiful. 

As we were walking through the Botanical Gardens, we saw a whole bunch of people congregated under a HUGE tree taking photographs. When we investigated, we discovered there was a Powerful Owl in the tree. I have read about them in the Jackie French series that I love to read, but I had never seen one live before. Such a treat! 

 We found out when we arrived at the Botanical Gardens that there were koala statues scattered all around the garden for a scavenger hunt!  What fun...

But the carnivorous plants are the highlight for us! We are SO excited that they have extended the display until July/August 2020! The volunteer we spoke to said to make sure we come back in early winter to see how different the plants look in the colder season. 

Some of the children in our group enjoyed the colouring in sheets that were provided... 

While others preferred wrestling with the "stone" pillows... 

And still others enjoyed the puzzles... 

This was the koala INSIDE the carnivorous plant display area... 

Warm spring and summer weather brings out the Water Dragons... they were everywhere as well. They were quite used to people so we could get really close for photographs. I was still careful though because they will bite if they feel threatened. 

 Group shots in front of some of the various koalas...

Mission accomplished... after many months of photographing this guy, I've finally got a facial expression resembling a smile!! 

More water dragons... 

We managed to find quite a lot of the koalas but missed out on enough that Monster was quite frustrated and upset and BEGGING that we return to the Gardens before the 30th of November. 

Finally we left the Botanical Gardens, walked down to Dymocks Bookstore to collect some textbooks I'd ordered for next year, and then we decided we need a break and a treat, so it was off to McDonalds for a frozen Coke and some of the snacks we had packed for lunch. 

 A final photograph in front of Archibald Fountain before boarding the train to come home. 

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