Saturday, May 18, 2019

Term Two: Week Three ~ Hands-On Math and LOTS of Books

I didn't photograph a lot of our written work this week. Monkey, Munchkin and I all came down with a cold, which required a trip to the doctor for the three of us as Munchkin had an asthmatic response, my cold settled in my left ear, and as Monkey is prone to asthmatic responses he got checked as well.  

This week we did as much written work as we could manage, and spent the rest of the week reading.  We ALWAYS read... no matter what.  So I leave with the few photos I took of some hands-on math that Monkey and Munchkin did this week. Then I started feeling yucky. So you are left with all the photos of the books we read. Even when I'm really sick (which doesn't happen often, thankfully) I still photograph the books we read as it is an easy way to record our reading.

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