Saturday, March 16, 2019

Term One: Week Seven ~ Puzzles, Lizards and LOTS of Reading

This week doesn't have a lot of photographs of our work, but we're plugging along... AND we did LOTS and LOTS of reading!!

Monster started the week with a new puzzle. 

 Munchkin enjoyed using our vast marble collection to help him with a division page in maths.

On our way to the library we spotted this beautiful Blue Tongue lizard warming itself in the afternoon sunshine. 

An example of the level of reading Munchkin is doing in his Fitzroy Reader books. 

 Early Reader books for Munchkin. He is excited as he has found that he can now handle short chapter books as well as the increasingly difficult levels of the Fitzroy Readers.

 Still enjoying our vast selection of Rosemary Wells books that we found at the library.

Geography/Science read aloud selections for the older boys. 

 A couple more non-fiction read alouds for the older boys, though I read the Safety Online book to all three boys since Munchkin now uses the computer a lot as well.

 Evening chapter book read alouds for Monkey.

 Independent reading for Monster - he LOVES the Horrible Histories books!

 The older boys and I really enjoyed this new series of books we stumbled across at the library a few weeks ago.

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  1. We saw that same lizard in the way to the library! It let us touch him/her. Good to see what you guys are using to. I'll have to try horrible histories with my 7.